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Conversation: We Hosted Lawyer, Edify Yukusak to Talk About Protecting the Rights of Widows in Nigeria

June 23, was International Day of Widows a day to give special recognition to the situation of widows globally. In Nigeria, Widows are often met with very humiliating situations like shaving their heads, drinking the corpse water of their husbands, or being inherited as property by members of their husband’s family.

In this episode of #ADPodcast, Ndi Kato and Barr. Edify Yakusak looks at the state of widowhood in Nigeria, the position of current laws like the VAPP, what women can do when their husbands die without a will, and the role of religious organizations. Do listen and tell us what you think in the comment box.

#ADPodcast is an initiative of Abuja Discourse, where we have conversations towards policy and legislative change.

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