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Conversation: #60Years60Heroins: Celebrating Nigerian Women as Nigeria Clocks 60.

As Nigeria celebrates it’s 60th Independence Day, we at Dinidari Foundation map out 60 women who have made an impact in Nigeria from the year 1960 to date.

Nigerian women have come a long way from the pre-colonial to the colonial era to the contemporary era. There are great stories about Nigerian women which brings out the essence of these women not only in nation-building but as custodians of a great legacy in a country with rich culture and enormous potential. These women have been able to break through the wall and make an impact despite the limitations.

Let’s take Madam Funmilayo Ransome Kuti for example, In 1932 she established the Abeokuta Ladies Club which is focused on charity work, sewing, catering and adult education classes. In 1944, she developed a successful campaign to stop local authorities seizing rice from market women under false pretences. In 1949 she created the (Nigerian Women’s Union), in order to better support women’s rights and enfranchisement across the country, and support a more balanced representation of women in politics.

These amazing women we listed have made an impact in and beyond Nigeria and have made their mark in Nation building. Today, Dinidari Foundation celebrates them as beacons of hope for the future of Nigeria.


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